Rohrer (Bookwalter) Cemetery

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Rohrer (Bookwalter) Cemetery
Union Road (Jefferson Township)
Montgomery County, Ohio

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View of the area where the Rohrer (Bookwalter) Cemetery once stood; searching for stones.
Pictures taken in 2003 by Carolyn Johnson Burns

The Rohrer (Bookwalter) Cemetery is located on farm land that is not maintained. This was a family cemetery now caught in the fence row among the trees between two fields. Access is from a farm lane off of Union Road, north of Dayton-Farmersville Road. Some information about this cemetery, including readings, was taken from a reading by the Montgomery County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

Graves below are listed in alphabetical order and not row order:


  • Catharine Bookwalter, wife of John, d. 8 Feb 1824, a. 37y
    Next to Catharine's stone is a smaller uncarved stone, possibly an infant.
  • Gerhart Bookwalter, d. 14 Jun 1848, a. 77y 5d
  • Gerhart Bookwalter Jr., d.


  • Sarah J. C. Groff, dau of J. H. & M. M., d. 21 Sep 1852, a. 10m 6d


  • Caroline Elizabeth Hill, dau of Wm. & Mariah, d. 18 Aug 1847, a. 7y 3m 13d
  • Wm. W. Hill, d. 14 Jun 1849, a. 45y 3m 22d


  • Catharine Mayhugh, dau of John & Sarah D., b. 8 Oct 1831, d. 23 Sep 1836


  • Alice Rohrer, dau of David & Harriet, d. 23 Nov 1871, a. 3y 8m 1d
  • Mary Ann Rohrer, dau of DAvid & Harriet, d. 9 Oct 1862, a. 7m


  • Elizabeth Wagner, d. 13 Sep 1865, a. 28y 9m 1d