Clayton (Salem) Cemetery

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Clayton (Salem) Cemetery
Randolph Township
Clayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

View of Clayton Cemetery
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View of the older section of Clayton Cemetery from the lower road.
Picture taken in 1999 by Carolyn J. Burns

The cemetery, which is still active, is located on Talmadge Road in Randolph Township, Clayton, Ohio. Coordinates are SW 1/4 Sec 19,T5, R5E, 700' west of the road, 1000' north of Salem Pike (old SR 49).

Grave stone readings for the name Herr that include the only legible information, documented by Lindsey Brien and recorded in the Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library:


John Herr born in Strausburgh, Lancaster Co, Pa April 4, 1802 died May 22, 1886 aged 84 yrs 1 mo 18 da FATHER

John Herr's grave stone
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Older tombstone for John Herr and his wife Hannah S. Hoke.
Shown in this picture is the inscription for John.
The top of the tombstone is broken and laying to the side.


Hannah S. Hoke wife of John Herr born in Manheim Lancaster Co, Pa July 23, 1808 died Jan 20, 1883 aged 74 yrs 5 mo 27 da MOTHER

Hanna (Hoke) Herr's grave stone
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Inscription for Hannah S. Hoke
on opposite side of stone from husband John Herr.

View of newer grave stones for John and Hanna Herr
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Newer tombstones for John Herr and Hannah S. Hoke.
To the left behind the newer stones is
the older stone described above.


George M. Herr, born Sep 25, 1831 and died Apr 7, 1887, son of John and Hannah Herr, is also buried in Clayton Cemetery along with his wife, Florinda (Reed) Herr, born Jan 30, 1833 and died Nov 23, 1914. Pictures are not available at this time.