Leslie Cemetery

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Leslie Cemetery
Jackson Township
Farmersville, Montgomery County, Ohio

View of Leslie Cemetery
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View of the broken stones that was once Leslie Cemetery.
Picture taken in 2002 by Carolyn J. Burns

The cemetery, which is now buried in bramble, is located 1/4 mile west of Fuls Road, 1/2 mile south of Chicken Bristle Road. Coordinates are SE 1/4 Sec 22, T4, R4E. We walked the length of a corn field and climbed two fences to find this cemetery in the middle of a grove of trees.

Map showing Leslie Cemetery.

There were only two gravestones that were entirely legible. We tried to piece together one stone with German script. There were many stones intact, but the inscriptions were not legible. There were also many broken and buried stones. We did not attempt to dig or probe for any stones.

According to Roger Rhodes, "it [Leslie Cemetery] is located on land homesteaded in 1814 by my ancestors, Jacob and Phillip Rhoades, after having come to Montgomery Co. from Bedford Co., PA in 1810. Though I myself have not seen the stones, I suspect the German stone that is in pieces is the one that reads, "(Hier)\Ruhlen (die Gebeine)\Von Maria Roth\Ehegattin von Philip\Roth. Starb April 18\1838. Alter 62 Jahres". The words inside the ( ) are on the missing pieces and are assumed based on German custom. In English it reads: (Here)\rests (the body)\of Maria Roth\wife of Philip\Roth. Died April 18\1838. Age 62 years. This is Mary Weaver, wife of Phillip Rhoades (1769-1848) whose grave has not been found. I strongly suspect his grave is somewhere near Mary's but has sunken."

Following are the only legible stones:


In Memory of Gabriel Leslie, born April 13, 1791, died Dec 19, 1828

Gabriel Leslie's gravestone
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From research in Montgomery County, it is believed that this is Gabriel Leslie, husband of Elizabeth (?) and father of Levi, Thomas, John, Salome, Catharine, Margaret, Elizabeth. Evidence taken from Gabriel's will recorded in Montgomery County, Ohio.


Esther, Wife of John B. Miller, died Feb. 17, 1839, aged 59Y 1M ?D (There is additional inscription at the bottom of the stone that is illegible.)

Esther Miller's gravestone
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Inscription for Esther Miller. No other information is known about this individual.

Name Unknown

The inscription on this stone is written entirely in German. The stone had broken in many pieces, but we were able to find most pieces. See further explanation above.

Stone with German Inscription
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