Seely Township Cemetery

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Seely Township Cemetery
Seely Township, Guthrie County, Iowa

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Entrance to Seely Township Cemetery.
Picture taken in 1996 by Carolyn J. Burns.

The Seely Twp Cemetery was once known as the Wichita Cemetery.

Tombstone Readings that include the only legible information for the name Sauvago:


  • Louis Sauvago 1850-1936
  • Asenath A. Sauvago 1862-1937
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  • Lawrence Sauvago 1879-1940
  • Charley Sauvago 1881-1940


  • Wilbur L. Anderson 1878-1965
  • Pearl A. Anderson 1882-1961
  • Carl L. Anderson born July 5, 1910 9 yr 2 mo 6 da