Union Cemetery

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Union Cemetery
Guthrie Center, Iowa

View from the
front road.

View of new tower
with flag.(2001)

View from the
back road.
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Pictures taken in 2000 by Carolyn J. Burns

The cemetery, which is still active, is located on the Main Street through Guthrie Center, Iowa.

Pictures accompany family inscriptions. Tombstone Readings that include the only legible information, transcribed by Carolyn Johnson Burns


  • Reynolds Family Tombstone
    This marker is stands at the head of the family plot. Shown in this picture are the three personal headstones from left to right for Effie, Alfredda, and Simpson. [See Below]
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  • Effie Reynolds - Nov. 11, 1888-Dec. 25, 1955
  • Alfreddie Reynolds - Aug. 23, 1858-Apr 01, 1950
  • Simpson Reynolds - May 9, 1850-Jan. 25, 1917
  • Robert B. Reynolds - 1892-1957
  • Hazel H. Reynolds - 1893-1984


  • Brann Family Tombstone
    This marker is stands at the head of the Brann family plot. Elizabeth Reynolds, sister of Simpson, married William F. Brann. Although their daughter is buried here, they are not. [See Below]
  • Laura Brann
    Laura, daughter of W.F. & E.C. Brann, died Jun ?, 1879, Aged 7 yrs 1 mo 10 d
      Older headstone for Laura Brann.
      Newer headstone for Laura Brann.