Edward Elzie Houpt

Dayton Police Department - 1910
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Edward Elzie Houpt was born August 28, 1884, at Charleston, Pennsylvania. At an early age he came to Dayton with his parents, where he began his education in the public schools. After completing his work in the public schools he entered a business college. In the meantime he became interested in electricity, with the result that he took up the occupation of electrician after he had reached his maturity. He was engaged in this work when appointed as one of the operators at police headquarters, on March 23, 1907. Elzie Houpt is well liked by all who know him and is very popular with the members of the department. He was married in 1905 to Miss Lillie Shortill, and they have two sons, Oscar and Karl. He is identified with the Knights of Pythias.
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