Harry E. Laukhart

Dayton Police Department - 1910
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Harry E. Laukhart, Captain of the Police Department of Dayton, was born at Rockford, Mercer County, Ohio on February 29, 1880. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Laukhart, his father being a commission merchant of that village. He attended the common schools of Rockford and grew up under the guidance of his parents. After leaving school he spent several years at home, taking an active interest in this father's business. Before he was out of his teens, however, he felt a desire to get and do for himself. The result was that he removed to Dayton where he secured a position at the Phillips Hotel. He performed his duties faithfully for several years, and it was while thus engaged that he was detailed to do special police duty for the department.

On this occasion he displayed qualities indicting that he would make a good police officer. Chief of Police Allaback, who was at that time Captain of the Police Force, took notice of his work with the result that he secured his appointment to the force as patrolman on November 4, 1901. From the date of his appointment, patrolman Laukhart proved himself a capable police officer and he soon won the respect and admiration of his superiors. He performed his duties faithfully and well, and when a position as sergeant was open in 1906, he was selected as the right man for the place. He was promoted August 1st of that year.

In his new position as sergeant, Mr. Laukhart again proved his ability. His personality and bearing towards the men in his charge gained him much popularity among them. When Captain J. N. Allaback was promoted to his present position as chief of the department in 1908, Sergeant Laukhart was again honored with a promotion to captain of the force. He began his duties in this position on December 12 of that year.

There is probably no member of the Dayton Police Force whose advancement has been more rapid than that of Captain Laukhart. During the nine years that he has been connected with the police department he has risen from patrolman to captain and he is still but thirty years of age.

Before his connection with the police department, Captain Laukhart was a member of Company K, Third Regiment, O. N. G. During the Spanish-American War he enlisted for service upon three different occasions, but was not called to the front. When peace was declared he received an honorable discharge.

On January 8, 1902, a few months after his appointment to the police force he was married to Miss Dora R. Stevens, of Dayton. They have a son, Howard I., who is now five years of age. Mr. Laukhart is prominent in fraternal circles, being identified with Mystic Lodge 405, F and A. M.; Iola Lodge 83, K. of P.; and Gem City Lodge 795, I. O. O. F.

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