Dayton Police Department - 1910

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This is a transcription of the book titled Dayton Police Department "published by and for the Benefit of the Police Pension Fund, Dayton, Ohio 1910."

This page is a tribute to my grandfather, Frank William Johnson, who served on the Dayton Police Force during 1902-1935. These are pictures from his biography.

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Third Precinct


"This Work was Compiled and Edited by JOHN MILTON BALLARD."

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Book Cover

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"Long before the land-hungry Anglo-Saxon feasted his eyes on the fair country of the Great Miami, it was held in high favor by wandering tribes of Northern Indians. Later, pale-faced hunter and aborigine engaged in a fierce war of extermination for the possession of the Ohio country by the resistless march of the permanent settler.

For more than a century the process of empire building has advanced with marvelous rapidity in the Great Northwest Territory. The rich alluvial plains of Mad River were almost the first in the vast wilderness to the north of the "Beautiful River" to attract the tide of immigration which, until then, had been held in check by the mighty barrier of the Alleghenies."

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The book includes a biography and picture for each officer. For ease in searching, the names are listed in alphabetical order. However, page numbers are included with the biographies. Click on any name below to read the biography. An asterisk beside the name indicates the biographical photo is included.

Agenbroad, James T.

Allaback, Allen Charles

Allaback, John N.
Chief of Police

Allen, Mrs. Kate

Altherr, George L.

Anderson, Scott M.

Bassett, Charles L.

Bassett, Francis Marion

Bishop, John T.

Boes, David R.

Brockmann, Frank B.

Brown, Charles E.

Brown, James Lewis

Burkhart, Edward E.
Mayor of Dayton

Cavanaugh, Thomas J.

Cline, William M.

Conklin, Alvaro D.

Conway, James

Coppess, Andrew J.

Corrigan, John Patrick

Cotter, John William

Coughnour, Daniel W.

Cusick, Walter D.

Dempsy, John L.

Dennison, Willard Errett

Dillman, Alonzo Homer

Donovan, Theodore H.

Dunlevy, John Clarence *

Eaton, William Dickerson

Edwards, Lewis

Evans, Thomas Sherman

Fair, Edwin Stillwell

Fair, Roy Harry

Feirstine, George Henry*

Feirstine, John Stroup*

Ferris, C. H.

Fox, Carl Whitten

Foy, Arza Edgar

France, Peter W.

Fulton, Morgan Murphy

Funk, William Andrew

Getter, Harvey M.

Getz, William H.

Glotfelter, Charles A.

Glynn, Michael Ambros

Goetz, Leo Alphons

Gopperton, Orpha Allen

Graves, Arnold M.

Graves, Frank Russell

Greer, Clarence N.
Secretary of the Department of Public Safety

Greger, Otha E.

Grove, Allen P.

Grundish, Thomas C.

Gugel, John Christian

Gugel, William A.

Haley, Edward Solomon

Hankins, George

Hannabery, Charles

Hartman, Floyd DeLacy

Haywood, Newton H.

Henderson, William R.

Hendrick, Edwin Mortimer

Hendrickson, Homer Pierson

Heywood, Frank J.

Heywood, Perry A.

Hill, William H.

Hoffman, Cary Frank

Hoffman, John Edward

Hoover, Edwin C.

Houpt, Edward Elzie

Hughes, Walter J.
Sergeant of Detectives

Hunter, Howard

Jackson, Samuel F.

Janning, Louis Joseph

Jenkins, William Robert

Johnson, Clyde H.

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, William A.

Kerans, Walter Cliff

Kernan, John Richard

Kincaid, M. E.

Kincaid, Oscar L.

King, William Edward

Kline, Edward

Kurfiss, Charles L.

Lanker, Thomas

Larkin, Christopher C.

Laukhart, Harry E. *
Captain of the Police Department

Lienesch, Theodore H.
Director of Public Safety

Lightner, Isaac W.

Logel, Joseph Henry

Long, C. A.

McDonnell, Thomas

McGovern, Frank

McKemy, John william

McMahon, Thomas

McNett, Daniel A.

Meyer, Bernard H.

Mikesell, John Franklin

Miles, Joseph D.

Mitchell, Thomas

Moore, Thomas L.

Moses, Oscar Orlando

Neal, Joseph Richard*

Neidergall, George Henry

Neu, Frank William

Niswander, Elmer E.

Null, John Jacob

Nurrenbrock, Joseph W.

Oberer, Albert Ferdinand

O'Connor, John

O'Hagan, Henry

O'Hearn, David

O'Hearn, Robert M.

Paul, Frank

Peddicord, Charles F.

Perry, John C.

Perry, Stephen A.

Phillips, Frederick A.

Poland, Edward F.

Porter, Valentine J.

Post, John Calvin

Potter, Clarence David

Procuniar, Samuel A.

Purcell, George V.

Reeder, Charles Edward

Rees, George A.

Reiter, John C.

Rice, Lucius J.

Rose, John

Ryan, W. L.

Ryan, William Adam Thomas

Sauer, Phillip

Saunders, George S.

Schimmoller, John

Schneider, George Joseph

Schoenherr, Frank Jr. *

Sears, Elmer E.

Shafer, Elmer L.

Shaman, Benjamin R.

Shoemaker, W. W.

Simonton, Fred

Snyder, Ethan Allen

Snyder, Henry R.

Spry, Charles Edward

Spurgeon, Harry Ashton

Stapleton, John J.

Stewart, Raymond A.

Stuck, Charles Franklin

Thomas, Charles V.

Thurman, Charles

Tierney, Michael James

Tilton, George P.

Tobias, Howard Edward

Tupman, Holmer Leslie

Tyson, Edwin Roe

Vadder, Harry Elmer

Van Skaik, Mrs. Ida

Varley, William B.

Vaughan, John Emory

Wagner, John W.

Wagner, William Roland

Weidner, John Matthew

Weiffenbach, Frank

Wentz, Philip S.

Wenzel, John Michael

Werst, Robert

Wetzel, Daniel C.

Wilcox, Joseph Hoglen

Wilkin, Charles Robert

Williams, Harry Edward

Wooster, Charles Herman

Wurstner, Rudolph F.

Yates, Earl S.

Yendes, Seymour Eybert

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