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Dayton Daily News - Sunday, October 1, 1916

Home Veteran Killed When Struck by Car

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Oliver Rose, age about 75, a veteran of Company 11, Soldiers' Home, was struck and killed by White Line car No. 206 near Lakeview avenue, on Germantown street, Saturday night. The soldier is said to have been lying on the track, unnoticed in the darkness, and Motorman Gregory reported he saw the prostrate figure too late to check his car in time to prevent the accident.

The accident occured about 6:30 p.m. The crew placed the mangled body of the soldier on board their car and removed it to the Home, where the body was transferred to the morgue. The car was in charge of Conductor St. John.

The scene of the tragedy was a short distance from the place where Plainclothes Officer George V. Purcell was shot and killed last Saturday night.