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Oldest Known Herr Ancestor

John Herr
John Herr was born Apr 04, 1802 in Strausburg, Pennsylvania and died May 22, 1886 in Montgomery County, Ohio. He married Hannah Susannah Hoke who was born Jul 23, 1808 in Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. John's and Hannah's marriage date is unknown at this time. They are both buried in Clayton Cemetery in Clayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. Information about John Herr and Hannah Hoke can be found in the Mennonite Information Center in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Children of John Herr and Hanah Susannah Hoke were:

  • Amelia Ann Herr
  • Henry Herr
  • George M. Herr (2nd great-grandfather)
  • Samuel L. Herr
  • Henry S.Herr
  • Mary Catherine Herr
  • John R. Herr
  • Barbara Elizabeth Herr
  • Levi Christian Herr

George M. Herr
was born Sep 25, 1831 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania. He married Florinda Reed on Mar 9, 1854 in Harrisburg. Florinda was born Jan 30, 1833 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania and died Nov 23, 1914 in the Dayton State Hospital, Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio.

George was a Civil War soldier who enlisted as a Sergeant on Nov 28, 1863 and fought for the Union in Company K, 7th Cavalry Regiment Pennsylvania. He was promoted to Full Sergeant 1st Class on Mar 12, 1864, and again promoted to Full Lieutenant 2nd Class on July 24, 1865. He mustered out of Company K, 7th Cavalry Regiment Pennsylvania on Aug 23, 1865.

After his service in the war and prior to 1870, George and Florinda moved from Pennsylvania to Randolph Twp, Montgomery County, Ohio where their daughter Grace was born. They later moved to Salem (now Clayton), Montgomery Co, Ohio where their last son, Clarence was born. George and Florinda Herr are both buried in Clayton Cemetery, Clayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio.

Children of George M. Herr and Florinda Reed were:

  • Thomas Reed Herr (great-grandfather)
  • John Herr
  • George Herr
  • Grace Herr
  • Clarence Herr

Thomas Reed Herr
Thomas Reed Herr was born Nov 07, 1854 in Harrisburg, PA, named for his mother's father, Thomas Reed; married Mary Nickel Dec 03, 1878; and died Jan 05, 1922 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. Both Thomas and Mary were buried in Concord Cemetery, Randolph Township, Englewood, Ohio.

Children of Thomas Reed Herr and Mary Nickel were:

  • Arthur G. Herr
  • Florinda J. Herr
  • Edna Catherine Herr (grandmother)
  • James B. Herr
  • Charles G. Herr
  • LeRoy Herr
  • Della Herr