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Oldest Known Sauvago Ancestor

Frank Sauvageot
Frank Sauvageot, a carpenter, was born in 1820 in France and died in 1889 in Louisville, Stark County, Ohio. Frank married Barbara (Barbry) Shellenberger on April 22, 1845 in Louisville, Ohio. Barbara was born in 1823 and died in 1868. Both Frank and Barbara are buried in Saint Louis Cemetery in Nimishellen Township, Stark County, Ohio.

Children of Frank Sauvageot and Barbara Shellenberger:

  • Adaline L. Sauvageot
  • Frank Sauvageot
  • Louis Sauvago (g-grandfather)
  • Catherine Sauvageot
  • Jacob Sauvageot
  • Eugene Sauvageot
  • Florence Sauvageot

Louis "Jack" Sauvago
Louis Sauvago was born in 1850 in Ohio. Excerpt from obituary: Mr. Sauvago was born in Louisville, Ohio, March 26, 1850, the second son of Frank and Elizabeth Sauvago. He was the last to die of their ten children. He was reared in the Catholic faith.

At the age of 16, when he had lost his mother, he came west, to Texas and other points. It was at Muscatine, Iowa, that he settled in 1875, to take up farming. In April of 1877, he was married to Viola Blackman at Muscatine. To this union, six children were born. In 1882, he moved to Audubon County, Iowa. On March 10, 1891, Viola passed away.

In the year of 1892, on March 17, he was united in marriage to Asenath Smouse. Four children were born to this union. Since February 1, 1895, his home had been in Guthrie County, Iowa in the vicinity of Wichita.

Louis died Jan 23, 1936, and both Louis and Asenath are buried in Seely Township Cemetery, Guthrie County, Iowa.

Children of Louis "Jack" Sauvago and Viola Blackman:

  • Daisy Sauvago
  • Lawrence Sauvago
  • Charles F. Sauvago
  • Pearl Sauvago
  • Merle Sauvago
  • Mabel Sauvago

Children of Louis "Jack" Sauvago and Asenath Annie Smouse were:

  • Hazel Harriett Sauvago (grandmother)
  • Lillie Ruth Sauvago
  • Mary Sauvago
  • Itessa Sauvago

Sisters Hazel and Lillie Sauvago

Hazel Harriett Sauvago
Hazel Harriett Sauvago was born Feb 09, 1893 in Carroll County, Iowa; married Robert Burl Reynolds on Jun 03, 1914. Hazel died Jun 23, 1984 in Panora, Iowa, and both Hazel and Robert are buried in Union Cemetery in Guthrie Center, Iowa.

Children of Hazel Harriett Sauvago and Robert Burl Reynolds were:

  • Lillian Marie Reynolds
  • Rex Simpson Reynolds
  • Dorothy Pauline Reynolds (mother)
  • Kathleen Hazel Reynolds