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Bolzar Stoker
Bolzar Stoker was born about 1723, according to some sources, in Germany. He married Eve (last name unknown) who was born about 1732. Bolzar died Nov 14, 1796 in Hampshire Co, Virginia and is buried in the Ginevan Cemetery, near Paw Paw, West Virginia.

Excerpts from The West Virginia Advocate, article by Wilmer L. Kerns:
The grave of Bolzar Stoker (1723-1796), one of the first settlers along the Little Cacapon River, has been located and positively identified. Stoker and his family were pioneer settlers near the Little Cacapon River in the Okonoko section of Hampshire County and near where the Little Cacapon River, after winding its way through the county, empties into the Potomac River about three or four miles upstream from Paw Paw, West Virginia.

In November, 1774, Lord Fairfax appointed a new surveyor for Hampshire County. He was a young man named Elias Poston, who came from Charles County, Maryland. One of Poston's first surveying jobs was in the Little Cacapon River area. In January, 1775, Bolzar Stoker served as a pilot for Poston, acting as a guide who knew territory which was unfamiliar to members of the survey party. The purpose of that survey was to designate a Little Cacapon Mountain 90-acre plot of land which was to be granted to John Critton. The plot was adjacent to land then owned by Critton and also adjacent to land then owned by Isaac Cox.

Bolzar Stoker received a Fairfax Grand of 232 acres on April 4, 1765. The land was located along the Little Cacapon River, on the drains of Coxes Mill Branch and near the Potomac River. This site is in one of the most scenic parts of Hampshire County. Several years prior to receiving his Fairfax Grant, Stoker had purchased 30 acres from John Cox. This land is believed to be the site of the Stoker old graveyard [Ginevan] in which Bolzar was buried. Near the Stoker lands was a colonial ferry which crossed the Potomac. In historical records, the ferry is referred to as "Coxes Ferry." Near the same site was a colonial fort called Fort Cox (named after the same Cox family).

Excerpt from Portrait and Biographical Record, Marion and Clinton County, Illinois History:
Judge William Stoker, the Nestor of the Bar of this county, who is now successfully engaged in practice in Centralia, was born in Montgomery County, Ohio on the 10th of November, 1822, and is a son of Isaac Stoker, a native of Virginia. The great-grandfather, Bolzer Stoker, was born on the Rhine in Germany, and crossing the Atlantic, became the founder of the family in America. He first located in Baltimore, Maryland, but afterward engaged in farming near Harper's Ferry, Virginia. His son John, the grandfather of Judge William Stoker, was reared in Virginia, and educated at Annapolis, Md. He followed milling and farming and was also a Methodist preacher. During the Revolution he was one of the valiant defenders of the Colonies, and held the rank of Lieutenant. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Elizabeth Critton, was also a native of Virginia.

Child of Bolzar Stoker and Eve (last name unknown):

  • John Stoker (gggg-grandfather)

John Stoker
John Stoker was born Apr 03, 1754 in Old Frederick County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Critton on Jan 10, 1775 in Hampshire County; and died Nov 07, 1833 in Wayne Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. John and Elizabeth (Critton) Stoker were both buried in the Johnson Cemetery in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Excerpt from The West Virginia Advocate, article by Wilmer L. Kerns:
According to Deed Book 22, pages 495-497, Hampshire County Court Records, John Stoker was the only child of Bolzar and Eve Stoker. A study of records in the Washington, DC Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) revealed that Pvt. John Stoker served in the Revolutionary War as a member of Captain Peyton Harrison's Company of the 2nd Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Alexander Spotswood.

Children of John Stoker and Elizabeth Critton were:

  • Hannah Stoker
  • John Stoker
  • Jacob Stoker
  • Mary Stoker
  • William Stoker
  • Critton Stoker
  • Mary "Eve" Stoker (ggg-grandmother)
  • Cornelius Stoker
  • Isaac Stoker
  • Nancy Stoker
  • Bolzar Stoker
  • Gabriel Stoker

Mary "Eve" Stoker
Mary "Eve" Stoker was born Nov 09, 1788 in Hampshire County, Virginia. She married Joseph House Johnson on Oct 05, 1805 and the two traveled on horseback in 1806 with their first born son to Montgomery County, Ohio where they were part of the original settlers in Wayne Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. Mary died in Montgomery County Mar 07, 1844. Both Mary and Joseph are buried in Johnson Cemetery in Montgomery County.

Children of Mary Eve Stoker and Joseph House Johnson were:

  • David Johnson
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • William F. Johnson
  • Isaac Johnson
  • John Johnson
  • Daniel Johnson (gg-grandfather)
  • Delilah Ann Johnson
  • Joseph H. Johnson
  • Amy Jane Johnson
  • Henrietta Johnson
  • Caroline Johnson
  • Dennis Clements Johnson
  • Thomas Johnson