Peter W. France

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Pages 44-45

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Peter W. France is a native of New York, his birth occurring at the village of Saugerties, Ulster County, on April 27, 1865. He attended the public schools of his native village and grew up there. While in school he took an interest in print shops with the result that he entered a book bindery soon after leaving school. He applied himself diligently to all tasks set before him, and it was but a few months until he was a full-fledged book binder. Later he removed to Dayton where he again took up his trade and followed it until he secured an appointment as patrolman on the Dayton police force, August 8, 1904.

From the date of his appointment, Mr. France demonstrated to his superiors that he was a capable officer and by sheer luck and bravery he earned a promotion to a sergeancy within less than five years after his appointment. In 1908, at the risk of his life, he subdued a ferocious and armed negro giant and landed him behind the station house bars. About a year after this episode, March 11, 1909, he was made sergeant, and is "making good." Mr. France and his wife, Mattie, are the parents of two daughters, Minnie and Bessie. Sergeant France is identified with the Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias. He is a congenial fellow and has friends to spare.

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