Leo Alphons Goetz

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Pages 30-31

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Leo Alphons Goetz was born of German parentage at Canton, Stark County, Ohio, on April 13, 1853. He started to school in that city, but while he was yet a young lad his parents removed to Dayton where he completed his education in a parochial school. On leaving school young Goetz apprenticed himself to a contracting carpenter. He learned this trade and followed it for about eleven years. He was then offered the position of salesman for a coffee and spice house and he devoted four years of his life to this work. Not yet fully satisfied with his occupation he sought a further change by applying for a position on the police department.

Mr. Goetz was appointed patrolman on April 25, 1887. He came to the conclusion soon after assuming his duties that he had at least found work congenial to his disposition and immediately set about to win a promotion. He was ever faithful to the responsibilities placed upon his shoulders and the reward came in September of 1896, when he was appointed sergeant. He has proven a worthy and capable officer and has a clean record, never having been called before the board or had a charge of any kind preferred against him. Mr. Goetz was happily married in 1879 to Miss Anna M. Eichenlaub. They have four children, Joseph, Richard, Hugo and Clara.

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