Edward Solomon Haley

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Pages 24-25

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When, as Shakespeare says, "Good things of day begin to droop and drowse," it takes a cool-headed and capable man to guide the destinies of the police department of any large city. The city of Dayton is most fortunate in having just such a man in the person of Lieutenant Edward Solomon Haley, who has charge of the police force during the night season at which time law breakers and wrongdoers most frequently show their hands.

A modest, level-headed ad impassive sort of an official is Lieutenant Haley. No excitement disturbs him; tears of penitence seem not to detract him from his path of duty, whatever it may be. Calm and imperturbably he goes about his duties as he sees them, and it is due to these attributes that Mr. Haley has been advanced from patrolman to sergeant and then to lieutenant.

Mr. Haley was appointed patrolman on the Dayton police force on June 1, 1881. He was a capable officer and discharged his duties so efficiently that he was promoted to sergeant on May 23, 1892. His record in this capacity was equally as clean, and when the position of lieutenant was open he was quickly decided upon as the proper man for the job. Mr. Haley was appointed to this position, which is the third highest in the department, on February 18, 1908.

Lieutenant Haley is respected and revered by the entire department, and the writer only speaks the sentiment of the members of the force when he says, "Long life and prosperity to Lieutenant Haley."

Edward Solomon Haley was born in the city of Dayton fifty-eight years ago, having opened his eyes to the beauties of nature on January 18, 1852. After he had acquired his education in the public schools of the city we find him a trusted employee of the Dayton State Hospital. Lieutenant Haley was happily married in early manhood to Margaret Geiger, and eight children have blessed the union, but three of whom are living, Hulda, Carrie and Edward, Jr. Mr. Haley has long been a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and is well and favorably known throughout the city.

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