Homer Pierson Hendrickson

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Pages 48-49

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Homer Pierson Hendrickson was born January 26, 1864, in the city of Franklin, Warren County, Ohio. He received his education in the public schools of that city and grew to manhood there. While in school he became interested in the wonders of the telegraph and spent his spare time around the telegraph office. After leaving school he became an apprentice in the office and showed such an apt learning that he was soon a full-fledged operator. He followed this occupation in his native city several years and then removed to Dayton. He had been promoted to railroad agent in the mean time and was rapidly forging to the front when his health demanded that he make a change.

The Police Department offered what Mr. Hendrickson considered to be a desirable change and he was appointed patrolman on the force on June 12, 1896. He made a successful officer, showing such thrift and faithfulness to his duties that he was promoted to the detective department on April 1, 1901. Detective Hendrickson is doing exceptionally good work and is usually found working on the difficult cases that confront the department. Mr. Hendrickson is a Mason. His family consists of his wife, Belle, and three children, Fern, Ora, and Ralph.

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