Edwin C. Hoover

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Page 174

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Edwin C. Hoover, who was appointed a patrolman on January 16, 1909, was born at Grafton, Pennsylvania, on April 29, 1885. Soon after his birth his parents moved to Altoona, Pennsylvania, where he was given a good education in the public schools. Like many of his fellow officers he was engaged in street railway work after removing to Dayton. At the time of his appointment he was a motorman on the Peoples Railway line. He is one of the popular young men of the force and is not married.

Additional Note
A newspaper article dated March 2, 1936 was inserted at page 174 that stated:
Police Officer 25 Years, Quits
[picture] [caption: Sergt. Hoover]

Sergt. Edgar A. Hoover, a member of the Dayton police force for 25 years, retired on service pension Monday and immediately assumed a position with the Delco Products Corps as chief of plant protection, in charge of fire and safety.

Hoover, a sergeant since Aug. 16, 1922, served in the uniform division, the detective bureau and as head of the vice squad. He was appointed to the force Jan. 16, 1909. At various times he has been stationed at headquarters as counter sergeant and at the city jail as desk sergeant.

He lives at 21 Marie av., with is wife and family.

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