William A. Johnson

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Pages 42-43

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William A. Johnson was born April 25, 1858, on a farm in Highland County, Ohio. His father planned that he should follow the occupation of tilling the soil and taught him the many things that a farmer must know, during the summer months. In the winter he attended the district school, where he secured the usual education that a country boy receives. After leaving school he stayed on the farm for several years working for his parents. Desiring a change he secured employment with a contracting carpenter and in time learned the trade. A building boom in Dayton led him to remove to the Gem City.

Mr. Johnson followed the carpenter trade for several years more after removing to Dayton, but when work grew slack in the nineties he sought a position on the police department. He received an appointment as patrolman on February 7, 1896. After he had been covering a "beat" for several years his superior officers in the department saw that he was an exceptionally faithful man and was doing much good work. This was remembered and when the department needed a new sergeant, on December 10, 1908, Patrolman Johnson drew the prize. His conduct since that time has convinced his chief that he promotion was well placed. Sergeant Johnson is married, his wife's name being Flora.

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