John Richard Kernan

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Pages 54-55

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John Richard Kernan was born in New Wilmington, Clinton County, on July 18, 1863. His parents sent him to the public schools, and, after completing his education, he began work in a factory. From his boyhood days, however, there was bred in him a fascination for trains and this cropped out while he was still a young man, leading him to seek employment as a railroader. This work he followed successfully until an opportunity to become a patrolman on the police force presented. He resigned to accept an appointment in that capacity on May 8, 1896.

Mr. Kernan demonstrated that he was a good officer from the date of his appointment and he faithfully covered a "beat" for a period of ten years. He had gained the respect of his superior officers and was rewarded by a promotion to the detective department on May 1, 1906. He is now considered a most capable detective and the department depends on him for much important work. He is a quiet, unassuming fellow and is liked by all who know him. Detective Kernan is well known in fraternal circles, being affiliated with the Elks, Modern Woodmen, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Knights of Equity and P. B. A. In his early years he was united in marriage to Sarah Jane Cunningham. They have two children, Mary and John.

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