M. E. Kincaid

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Page 58-59

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M. E. Kincaid, one of the well-known detectives of the Dayton Police Department, is a native of Brown County, Ohio, his birth occurring at the village of Sardinia on November 22, 1862. He received his education in the schools of that village and spent the early years of his life there. the speeding locomotive appealed to him when a lad and he attained one of his boyhood ambitions when he secured a position as railroad conductor after he had grown up. After he had become engaged in his work he removed to Dayton, making the Gem City his headquarters. Mr. Kincaid, tired of this routine work after several years, sought a change by applying to the Police Department for a position. He was successful, securing an appointment as patrolman on April 8, 1901.

During his first year on a "beat" he displayed such remarkable skill as a thief catcher that he was selected as relief or acting detective. He served in this capacity until January 15, 1907, when he was appointed regular detective. He is considered a capable and reliable officer by the department. Mr. Kincaid is a member of Montgomery Lodge No. 5, I. O. O. F. In early life he was married to Miss Margaret Hayes. "Kinny," as he is known among the "boys," is one of the leading nimrods of the department, and he annually hikes himself back to good old Brown County to chase the rabbits out of the brush piles. He gets them, too.

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