Dr. John William McKemy

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Page 63

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Doctor McKemy was born in Dayton, February 1, 1876, being a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McKemy. He received his early education in the public schools of Dayton and the Deaver Preparatory School. He then took up the study of medicine and was graduated from the Jefferson medical College, of Philadelphia, in 1903. After graduation he accepted an appointment as resident physician in the Miners' Hospital at Pittston, Pa. After completing this hospital service of medicine, the police department recognized his work by appointing him police surgeon in March 1906. He was reappointed in January 1910.

He is a member of the Board of Education, Examiner of the civil Service Commission, member of Montgomery County Medical Association, Dayton Academy of Medicine, and the B. P. O. E.

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