Charles Edward Reeder

Dayton Police Department - 1910
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Charles Edward Reeder was born on May 1, 1870, in the city of Dayton. He attended the public schools, going through the lower grades and passing for high school. He had an ambition for a business education, however, and instead of entering the high school, he decided to take a course in a commercial college. He selected a stenographic course and secured a good position soon after graduating. After he had followed his vocation several years his health demanded a change and he looked for a position with less confinement. He decided to seek a position on the police force and was successful in securing an appointment.

Mr. Reeder was appointed patrolman on January 23, 1903. He "made good" from the start as a patrolman and at the end of three years' service he had displayed so much talent as a crook catcher that he was promoted to the detective department. The promotion came on May 1, 1906. Since he has been wearing "plain clothes," Mr. Reeder has done much good work for the department and he is considered a capable officer. Off duty he is a jolly good fellow and has many friends. Detective Reeder is a member of Hope Lodge, K. of P. His wife's name before their marriage was Henrietta W. Gessler.

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