Howard Edward Tobias

Dayton Police Department - 1910
Pages 60-61

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Howard Edward Tobias is a native of Montgomery County, his birth occurring on May 29, 1873, at the little village of Alexandersville, south of Dayton. He received a common school education and grew to manhood in his native county. He secured employment with a Dayton manufacturing concern after leaving school and worked faithfully and diligently for several years hen he was offered a position as shipping clerk. This work kept his attention until he was given an appointment on the Dayton police force. He was given a position as patrolman on March 6, 1905.

Mr. Tobias liked the business of guarding the peace from the start and he devoted his entire time and efforts to making a good record. During the first two years he covered a "beat" he landed many much-wanted men. His superior officers saw that he had the qualities of a good sleuth, and in less than two years after his appointment he was promoted to the detective department, the promotion occurring on January 5, 1907. He is recognized as a capable man and has "made good" in every sense of the expression. "Toby," as he is known among his fellow officers, is an Odd Fellow, as well as a "good fellow." His family consists of his wife, Cora, and four children, Grant, Paul, Grace and Ada. His wife's maiden name was Sharitts.

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