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Oldest Known Critton Ancestor

John Critton
John Critton was born 1735, married Mary (name unknown), and he died in 1803 in Hampshire County, Virginia. John's burial place is unknown. It is believed that Mary went to live with son Gabriel in 1814. In 1777, John Critton, Jr. received 89 acres of land from Mary and John Critton, Sr. The land, located along the Little Cacapon River in Hampshire County, was believed to be used for milling.

Children of John Critton and Mary were:

  • Elizabeth Critton (gggg-grandmother)
  • John Critton
  • William Critton
  • Isaac Critton
  • Sarah Critton
  • Mary Critton
  • Gabriel Critton
  • James Critton
  • Jacob Critton

Elizabeth Critton
Elizabeth Critton was born May 18, 1757 in Hampshire County, Virginia and married John Stoker Jan 10, 1775 in Hampshire County. Elizabeth died Jan 18, 1835 in Montgomery County, Ohio. It is believed that John and Elizabeth are both buried in the Johnson Family Cemetery on Rip Rap Road, Huber Heights, Wayne Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. However, the cemetery rests on the bank of a river and has been flooded many times. Some stones have dissappeared through the ages.

Children of Elizabeth Critton and John Stoker were:

  • Hannah Stoker
  • John Stoker
  • Jacob Stoker
  • Mary Stoker
  • William Stoker
  • Critton Stoker
  • Mary "Eve" Stoker (ggg-grandmother)
  • Cornelius Stoker
  • Isaac Stoker
  • Nancy Stoker
  • Balzer Stoker
  • Gabriel Stoker