Memorial Day in Dayton, Ohio - 1869

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In 1868, the custom of ceremoniously carrying a floral tribute to the graves of our fallen soldiers was inaugurated by the Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. One year later, on Memorial Day in 1869, the Central Branch of the National Military Home had been open almost two years, providing solace to disabled Union veteran soldiers of the Civil War. Aside from all those who died in battle, nearly 100 veterans had passed away in the Military Home. During the week preceding Memorial Day in 1869, activities occurred almost daily in preparation for the ceremonies to commemorate those fallen soldiers.

The following articles were printed in the Dayton Daily Journal during that week in 1869. I thought it befitting to reprint some of the information here in honor of all our soldiers who fought then and are fighting now to preserve America's heritage.

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Dayton Daily Journal - May 25, 1869
Our Honored Dead - List of Soldiers Buried in Dayton Cemeteries

Dayton Daily Journal - May 26, 1869
Plans for Decoration of Soldiers' Graves

Dayton Daily Journal - May 27, 1869
Hymns to Our Patriot Dead

Dayton Daily Journal - May 30, 1869
Soldiers Who Died in the National Military Home

Dayton Daily Journal - May 31, 1869
The Day and Its Devotions