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Oldest Known Johnson Ancestor

Joseph House Johnson
Joseph Johnson was born Mar 12, 1785 in Hampshire Co, Virginia (now West Virginia). On Oct 05, 1805, Joseph married Mary "Eve" Stoker who was born Nov 09, 1788 in Hampshire Co, Virginia and died Mar 07, 1844 in Montgomery Co, Ohio. Joseph died Sep 25, 1834 in Montgomery Co, Ohio and is buried along with Eve in the Johnson Family Cemetery on Rip Rap Road in Huber Heights, Wayne Township, Montgomery County, Ohio.

Children of Joseph House Johnson and Mary Eve Stoker were:

  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • William F. Johnson
  • Isaac Johnson
  • John Johnson
  • Daniel Johnson (gg-grandfather)
  • Delilah Ann Johnson
  • Joseph H. Johnson
  • Amy Jane Johnson
  • Henrietta Johnson
  • Caroline Johnson
  • Dennis Clements Johnson
  • Thomas Johnson

Quote from The History of Montgomery, County, Ohio (Beers):
"Wayne Township - Joseph H. Johnson, a native of Hampshire County, Virginia, figured conspicuously among the early settlers. He left the Old Dominion in March, 1806, accompanied by his wife on horseback. While he took care of his rifle and a small package of clothing, she, in her side-saddle, carried in her lap their only child. After a toilsome ride through an almost unbroken wilderness, they arrived safely on the banks of the Great Miami, and erected a cabin on the present site of Taylorsville. Mr. Johnson was an active, industrious and enterprising man, endowed by nature with a powerful physique, brave, generous and hospitable. He was widely known and universally esteemed. Game of all kinds in those days was very plenty, and Mr. Johnson had the reputation of being "a crack shot" among the woodsmen of the Miami Valley. A sketch of his life and experience as a hunter, his numerous hair-breadth escapes from wild animals of the forest, would be of great interest to those who knew him in his prime; but few now remain who have a personal recollection of the noble-hearted Virginian who cleared and cultivated one of the finest farms on the banks of the Miami."

Quote from the History of Wayne Township (Sester/Baldwin)
"...Mr. Johnson built the Taylorsville Inn, along the Miami-Erie Canal, to accommodate travelers on the canal. The Inn stands today and is a private home. The Inn was also referred to as Johnson's Landing, in the canal days. It served as a place for social gatherings and entertainment, on the west side of the township."

The Inn, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, burned in 2005 and was demolished later that year. Later, when the Dayton & Michigan Railroad came through, the local stop became known as Johnson Station. The Johnson's are buried in the Johnson Cemetery on Rip Rap Road in Wayne Township.

Taylorsville Inn near Dayton, Ohio.
Picture taken in 1998 by Carolyn Johnson-Burns.

Johnson Station on the Dayton & Michigan Railroad
Picture obtained from Dayton Metro Library archives.

Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson was born Aug 14, 1814 in Montgomery County, Ohio; married Margaret Peggy Morgan Feb 20, 1832; died Nov 13, 1884 in Montgomery Co, Ohio. Both Daniel and Margaret are buried in the Johnson Cemetery.

Children of Daniel Johnson and Margaret "Peggy" Morgan were:

  • Joseph Johnson
  • Isaac Johnson
  • Reese L. Johnson
  • William Johnson
  • Dennis Johnson
  • Louisa Johnson
  • Ede Johnson
  • Edward Louis Johnson (g-grandfather)

Edward Louis Johnson
Edward Johnson was born May 30, 1849 in Montgomery Co, Ohio. On Jul 24, 1878, Edward married Sophia Elizabeth Broxey born Sep 30, 1857 in Montgomery County, Ohio; died Jul 15, 1912 in Montgomery Co, Ohio. Edward died May 26, 1927 in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio. Both Edward and Sophia were buried in Shiloh Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Children of Edward Louis Johnson and Sophia Broxey were:

  • Eliza Johnson
  • Frank William Johnson (grandfather)
  • Anna B. Johnson
  • Clara May Johnson
  • Herman Benjamin Johnson
  • Perry E. Johnson

Sophia and Edward Johnson, and son Frank.

Frank William Johnson
Frank Johnson was born Sep 23, 1880 in Dayton, Ohio. On Aug 27, 1902 he married Edna Catherine Herr who was born Sep 08, 1884 in Montgomery Co, Ohio and died Jun 01, 1961 in Dayton, Ohio. Frank died Apr 03, 1959 in Dayton. Both Frank and Edna are buried in Shiloh Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Children of Frank William Johnson and Edna Catherine Herr were:

  • Treva Eleanor Johnson
  • Arthur Elis Johnson
  • Edward Thomas Johnson
  • LeRoy Johnson (father)

Frank Johnson was a Policeman for the Dayton Police Department from 1902-1935.

Frank Johnson, Official Photo - 1917 Dayton Police Department

Biographical Sketch in the directory titled The Dayton Police Department (1910):
"Frank Johnson was born on September 23, 1880, on a farm in Montgomery County, where he was educated in the country school and taught the "whys" and "wherefores" of tilling the soil. He remained on the farm several years with his parents, when the call of the city reached him and he responded by taking up his residence in Dayton. On September 26, 1902, he was appointed to the police force and later assigned to the position of ambulance driver, in which capacity he is now engaged. Mr. Johnson is a Modern Woodman. He has a wife Edna, and three children, Arthur, Edward and Treva."

Frank was assigned to the detail that escorted John Dillinger to Lima, Ohio after Dillinger's gang was captured in Dayton. This is the car he drove called the "Bank Flyer".

Frank Johnson and the "Bank Flyer"
[Reference: The book titled Paper, Mister? Downtown Dayton - 1935 by H. Jamison Redder